vendor information

The following is a brief summary of the Vendor Information key points we will attend to on your behalf to organise the settlement for the sale of your property:

  1. Carry out all necessary Government and other searches including a title search from the Land Titles Office (LTO)
  2. If there is a mortgage, caveat or any other registered charge on the land title, the Conveyancer will take written instructions from you.
  3. Obtain your signature on the transfer, to enable the transfer of land title from you (the seller) to the purchaser.
  4. Prepare a settlement statement detailing all the costs (eg. Agent’s Commission, rates and taxes, bank loan to be repaid, Conveyancer’s fees and any other charges) to be deducted from the sale proceeds.
  5. Take written instructions from you in regard to the payment of the balance of proceeds due to be paid to you from the property settlement.
  6. Arrange a time on the settlement day to meet with the other parties at the Lands Titles Office to complete your settlement.
  7. Disburse the sale proceeds to the Mortgagee, Land Agent, rates and taxes authorities etc then the balance due to you as instructed by you.

We will also attend to numerous other matters that arise and queries you may have, which will invariably require attention from the date of sale of your property through to the date of settlement; ensuring that your property settlement is carried out as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Click here to Download a PDF which has a more detailed summary of the usual tasks involved in a normal sale settlement.

Your Conveyancer is your representative and it is your legal right to select the Conveyancer of your choice. If you would like us to act on your behalf or have any questions relating to the sale of your property please contact us